Friday, November 19, 2010

letting the day take me

Some days half eaten vegetables hang out on the chopping board.
Some days all rice must be delivered to the cooking pot by miniature vintage pick up truck.
And we bake two cakes, one with marshmallows, marmalade and secret things, the other a boring adult chocolate.

Some days whole worlds appear in our living room/dining room/ kitchen/playroom (which are all one space in this tiny house) before we get dressed.

Some days the shop keeper celebrates his birthday. The mice are always invited and are taken very good care of. (This tea set was mine when i was a child). Playdough cakes and icecreams are served.

Some days it rains and some of us wear raincoats over bare skin and adventure up the stream all the way to the sacred place where the stream meets the sea. We see monsters there, stash the treasure we find in our 'new' boat and cliffs crash down around us as we laugh.
Some days my belly hurts from laughing, the dishes pile up and i feel a deep abiding peace settle into my bones.
Some days i let unfold to remind me that magic is never far away. I have a very good teacher. I am so grateful for all this.


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    1. Thanks Skooks. It came from the heart. x

  2. thank you so mcuh for sharing, I have a 3yo daughter and 19mo son, we have days where the housework piles up but there is lots of laughter, splashing in puddles and running around..thanks for sharing and I think it's great you upcycle your clothes too, I am inspired :) nice photos too, glad I found your blog. :) cheers

    1. Hi Jocie...sounds like we have alot in common! These are special days with our littlies. It is up to us whether they are magical or mundane. Someone told me once that the kids won't remember the many beautiful nutritious meals...they'll remember the time you stayed too late out and had chocolate pancakes and popcorn for dinner! x