Sunday, November 7, 2010

summer sewing

I whipped up a bunch of 3/4 shorts for Jed. All super soft fabrics that had the stamp of approval from the fellow who refuses to wear anything he can't dance well in.
Light yoga pants made from an adults t shirt - good for dancing and keeping the mosquitoes away.

"pirate pants" - this seasons favourite

just no-one tell him that pirates don't wear their insignia in heart shapes on their bottoms yet okay?

pockets and vintage fabric scrap applique - another upcycled mens t shirt
my favourites i havent been able to pry off the wee fellow to photograph with out food or grass stains yet...kinda like plus fours...

And one for the mama. Thank you Claire Inwood, gentle maker of stunning handcrafted dolls for giving me this vintage fabric. Strangely unlike me but i love it. With leggings or bare legs. And pockets for me too. Don't know what i did without them now. I took my lead from Melissa from tiny happy. She makes the best skirts that lady.
I discovered today that if, for example, i need to jump in a stream to rescue a ball, this skirt dries very fast. Good to know, believe me!

Okay, i am determined to plow through four pixie costumes for a dance show and at least make a plan for market sewing before the night is out. Ai yi yi.

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