Wednesday, December 1, 2010

simple joy

. We are practitioners of simple joy. If we are open to it, the day takes us and we get swept up in pockets of magic. Things still get done, it's just that the lines between work and play blur.

Soaking last years beans. We put aside enough as seed for this years crop. Jed spent perhaps an hour scooping them out and playing, then fascinated at how big they got as they soaked up the water. This went on all day .... then we ate 'em. Yum.

I love living in a world where discarded walnut shells become boats. Some to carry things we're worried about, some to carry flowers, some to carry mice (theoretical mice) and as resting places for dragonflies.

Shady, the wonder dog who redeemed all of large dogs in the eyes of Jed. He is Sheena and Craig and new bubba Billy's companion. Jed and i did a road trip to the Coromandel to stay with them and meet the delicious Billy. Sadly, all pictures of Billy turned out blurry. Personally i think his special glow was unphotographable.

Sheena and Billy took us to Thames' 'Bright Smile' community gardens . Jed is still telling people about it. He met this new friend there.
If you live nearby, or are passing by, pop in and say hi, it's one of the special places.
Here's the link to Good Magazine's community gardens listings. Find one near you and jump in.

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