Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a solsticey giveaway sort of a post

We woke to sunshine on Solstice - which was very welcome. The longest day of the year and very fun with it. Much thanking of the sun, greeting of growing things and many hours in the water with friends. Along with some new gardening tools, I gave Jed a swan plant, one of the few foods of the monarch butterfly and there was much excitement as many butterflies laid their eggs right in front of our eyes. I think we may need to pick up a few more plants, we have caterpillars already! How special to witness the tranformation from butterfly to egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.

The Solstice fairies and pixies living under the tree woke to gifts too...

A magic wand. Made from a toothpick, paper, fairy dust/glitter, and rainbow embroidery thread.

Santa pixie wore his new Solstice cape with shining sun appliqued and embroidered on and a teeny tiny book, entitled 'Solstice tales' completed the trio of gifts. Magical wonderment.

And, let it be known, that the winner of the GrowMama Sew Mama Sew giveaway is Angela from the Catlins, Southland in NZ who said 'WOW, what a clever lady. I can knit but i can't sew and you are an inspiration. I love the funky vintage'. That cracked me up because i am in awe of those who knit because i often say that I can sew but i can't KNIT. It is true that those brave souls who have tried to teach me, have given up. Bless you for your honesty. You know who you are!

I like choosing my 15 favourite comments as it gives me a chance to read through all comments, respond to some, rather than using a random generator. I am afraid i may get lazy if i used one.

This is the smallest member of the household 'reading' the winning name.
The runner up was Sara in Akko and i will be sending her a little something in the New Year.
Congratulations folks! And a big thanks to everyone who commented. SO many of you. And so nice to 'meet' you too.
Er, i may have to revisit the issue of random number generators. I was chosen to win not one, but two giveaways! This has brought me much joy.
I won Marissa of Skooks' Playground's gorgeous clutch bag AND $100 aus to spend in Alyson Adeney's etsy shop Harry's Desk. Yay for me! ...and here you must picture a wild dance of joy, which won't be too hard for those of you that know me well :)

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  1. Congrats to the winners! :) Sounds like the Random Generator was on your side this time. Good for you!!