Saturday, December 18, 2010

to solstice and beyond...

I am new to celebrating Winter Solstice and Christmas with any sort of enthusiasm. I had quashed that for years focussing instead on the over-consumerism and what i saw as lack of meaning in the holidays. But. I am a mama now. My dear cousin, the talented Pete Circuitt, made a movie, 'Yes, Virginia' about the existence of magic/santa , and on the return to live in NZ he gave a special viewing of the film to all the kids.
At the end of the animated film, Jed looked up at me with eyes of wonder and that was it, we were deep in Christmas.
And so, I am committed to finding meaning in this time as we begin to craft our family rituals and traditions. We are finding our way.
I brought home some Solstice fairies and pixies from Forest Folk, the shop at the Steiner School. Somehow we came to make them a house out of a cardboard box. Carpets of velvet 'moss' went in, an attic got created complete with trapdoor. A cardboard tube from baking paper became the chimney, dried oregano stalks the logs of wood on the 'fire'. A kawa kawa leaf is their table. Each day we make them something new for the Solstice fairies home. A ladder to get up to the attic. A broom made of an oregano twig and pine needles bound with embroidery thread.
The pixies love to climb in trees. Their mattress is stuffed with lavender leaves. They get wrapped up in their blankets every night and sleep snugged up together "like you and me mama". They drive a little red vintage tractor powered by tree love, and spend hours and hours with Jed during the day.

It is magic.
Will we wrap this up in the new year and bring it out again next year? I am not sure yet, but i love what is unfolding.
Money is tight but i love how we are smiled upon. A huge bag of wonderful decorations for $15 at the local op shop. Fresh fruit for the picking. Ideas and the skills to create gifts and a fabric stash to delve into. We will go through my market stock to choose gifts to donate to our City Mission. Jed and i will be baking up a storm next week, my evenings will be crafting ones.
A handmade, simple season, full of music, good food, laughter and resting fully in the moment.

Thank you to everyone who visited during the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway. It is closed now but i still hold the glow of 'meeting' new bloggers and crafters from my wanders through the lists of giveaways. I have chosen my 15 favourite comments and will ask the smallest in the household to choose the winner from the hat in the morning (hopefully not before 6am). Good luck!


  1. Children bring such a magic to this time of year don't they? My little ones have been loving celebrating advent this year in the Steiner tradition of focusing on the 4 kingdoms of earth. Like you, I am growing as a mama and learning how to find our own meaning to the holidays- such a joy.

  2. Thanks for the link back to this Anissa ....awesome ideas for creating some new And meaningful rituals

  3. Oh this is lovely ~ I think we may do the same thing ~ gorgeous. Jx