Tuesday, January 4, 2011

adventures were had

Leaving the garden in full harvest mode in trusted hands, we drove south.

To the land of granny and granpa and free range chickens. And then, beyond.

Many 'firsts' were had, many adventures. "Scootering on sidewalks like a big guy". Trampolines were discovered. Friends were made, big sisters adopted. Creatures befriended and good food was in evidence. Old friends were revelled with. Jed managed to sleep through an absolute mayhem New Years Eve at the dodgy trailer park. (Not related to the previous sentence)

We napped at will, marvelled at waterfalls, swam at beaches, playgrounds, Lake Taupo and in earthfed hot water pools.
It is the oddest thing to be off wandering a woodland trail and come across a sulphur smelling steam vent in the earth.

And now, home sweet home.
I managed not to think about life as normal AT ALL and only got slightly overwhelmed when it all came flooding back on our return. Today, i wangled my way into a few hours alone in town and somehow came back (surprisingly) with a silver pendant saying 'Love the life you live', and on the reverse, 'Live the life you love'. Hear hear. Good words to carry me into this new year.
I am excited. My notebook lies open on the table next to me, wild scribbles indicating my annual visioning has begun...

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