Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just down the road and around the corner

Five minutes drive down the hill and a scramble over the rocks at the outgoing tide
there is another world

where our voices are dwarfed in the sound of the ocean and bounced off cliff faces.

Our walk brings us to a place where the sea is wild with waves and yet, gently delivers a 'noodle' to my little ones feet. He picks it up, eyes wide with quiet awe and says, 'look what the sea gave to me mama'.

And proceeds to put it to good use.
This is my favourite swimming place. Certain death is metres away with huge waves pounding on the rocks beyond, but this side of the rocks there is a pool left at low tide, just perfect. Shallow at the edges for the little ones, deeper than i am tall toward the rocks. Swarming with crabs too...just for a little extra intrigue!


  1. How fantastic to have that safe place for your little one to swim in, so happily too; and what contrasts between this and the roaring ocean outside.

  2. Now I know we have to come swimming there with you two. Sofia just adores crabs.