Friday, January 14, 2011


I am remembering to look carefully in the mud left in the wake of the huge waters of change. Great treasure can be found.

Hidden in the unfurling fronds of our days, there is drama, peace, chaos, stillness...anything we can dream up is there. I am re-learning (again, sigh) it is my choice. Happiness is not in the circumstances of our lives, but in how we meet them.

We often overlook and underappreciate the quiet power of gestation and contemplation in ourselves and in others. Doing nothing is sometimes perfect. A vital part of the creative process. I forget this.

Soaring in only one part of the process. There can be no soaring without stillness to measure it by.
Late night musings by one who has quite possibly had too much sun. Ahem. And goodnight.

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  1. Lovely thoughts about the necessity of stillness and the search for treasure. Thank you.
    I enjoyed reading your solstice blog too.