Monday, January 31, 2011

orchard season

We had been waiting and we were not disappointed. Our local orchard is fully open for business. Found on West Coast Rd on the way out to the beaches, the Dragicevich family planted these fruit trees 42 years ago when they came over from the Balkans. Their tractor dates back 42 years too...we are quite enamoured of tractor and of them. Today was the first harvest of the first apples of the season, Oratia Beauty's. We came away with Black Doris and Sultan plums, apples and early pears. Oh and their apple juice...there is none other like it.

Jed started taking photos today. I love this one he took of the orchard shop front, sky and Mrs D.

We are allowed to walk a bit in the orchard. Give our thanks to the trees. Bliss to stand in the their shade on a baking hot day, listen to the birdsong and feel the rest of the world drop away.


  1. One thing I miss about home is the orchards and being able to pick your own :)

  2. Isn't it so delicious to be able to buy direct from the orchards. So many of them are disappearing, so it's good to hear that this one remains.

  3. we are so lucky. i love having that relationship with the land that the fruit comes from as well as the people...i found out that this is the orchard that my nana and aunts used to come to once a year to collect fruit for their preserving. Knowing my nana walked those paths is special to me.