Saturday, January 8, 2011

received and given

Gifts received: These gorgeous decorations were made by Ally Adeney of Harry's Desk and landed in my mailbox thanks to the random number generator magic in Sew Mama Sew's last Giveaway. I won $100 AUS of goodies from Ally's etsy shop. I had a lovely time choosing. These are made from upcycled men's ties and vintage buttons. There is another star but Jed was using it as a blanket for his wooden horse at the time of the photograph. I kid you not.

And this piece of loveliness for me. Now, i hear some of you chortling. Okay, so i haven't been a handbag sort of a gal, more of a vintage/handmade tote sort of a person, BUT i might. 'Specially with such a handbag to choose from! And besides, i wear shoes now so surely a handbag isn't a huge leap from there.
I guess you could say i have given alot in my life (ask me sometime!) and winning the two giveaway offerings from Ally and Marissa of Skooks' Playground really gave me a good boost when i needed it. I love to give, sure but thank you dear women for reminding me how darn nice to receive too.

Gift given: We live in a wee west coast 'village' famous for it's crazy wild surf and beauty. Surf lifeguards feature pretty large in our lives. If we swim in the ocean, it is firmly between those flags or we head to the stream or swimming holes. The play of 'rescue' or 'surf lifesaver' is an enduring favourite amongst the small ones around here and in our trawling of secondhand shops Jed has been on the lookout for 'surf life saver gear'. He found a yellow lunch box, insisted on buying it ($1), asked me to write RESCUE on it and proceeded to stock it with rescue essentials such as Arnica, sunglasses, sun cream, a rope, plasters, a torch and a (pretend) knife.
I made him these replica surf lifesaver 3/4 shorts out of cotton jersey as part of his Solstice package. Along with a handmade pirate patch. In the moments the pantless wonder does deign to wear pants (trousers for you northern hemisphereans), these are a big hit.
Possibly the best gift was the look on his face on opening that package on Solstive Eve.

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