Tuesday, January 25, 2011

summer snapshots

Vegetables and herbs fresh from our garden make simple meals. With extraordinary taste.

I got home slightly frayed at the edges from a day in town and dealing with real estate agents (more about that soon) to these two mysterious notes in our mailbox. There were no bills, no advertising, just these two delicious notes. Love it. Whoever put them in there....feel free to deliver more!

Making new friends. Jed was very disappointed to miss out on The Big Day Out. (Have i mentioned he's a keen muso?) So we had a big day out Mama and Jed style. Jed got to choose where we'd spend the day. He choose Kiwi Valley Farm. A perennial favourite. Expensive in our world but worth it on occasion - especially if your wee one loves to horse ride. So many animals to get up close and loving with.

And they have a good old-fashioned game of horseshoes. Simple can be the best kind of fun.

Kind of eeking out the summer holiday vibe as long as we can get away with it...yesterday afternoon we popped down to the beach for a quick swim, bumped into friend after friend after friend and got home after bedtime. Good times. Clock? What clock?!
Beckoned by the sounds of the surf and the cicada song, we're off again. There will be time to tackle the crafting pile, re-stock my etsy shop, do the dishes and the rest of the mountain of things-to-do later.

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  1. Love the look of your garden veges. Don't the red and green look vibrant together? I've just posted a picture of veges too, but not from my garden.