Friday, February 4, 2011

back at it

This morning Jed and i went to see newborn Manu. Jed was smitten, typically. And is campaigning hard for a baby, sigh. There just is nothing like meeting a person new to the world is there?

I love crafting with Jed around. Together we come up with ideas i would never have hit on alone.
This cream cotton onesie got upcycled with a few strategically placed vintage fabric polka dot hearts. Made especially for you dear Manu.

I had wanted some comfy waisted linen widelegged summer trousers for ages. Comfort features pretty high on my considerations for clothes. Usually i trip across whatever i am wanting secondhand for $5 or something silly, but it didn't work this time. Er, excuse the creases, i had to take these off to photograph them.

Ah, in case you were wondering, i did have togs on!
New Look 6710 was pulled out for the basic pattern. I used cotton jersey (with a little spandex i think) for the waistband. I fell in love with these waistbands when i was pregnant. Unfortunately this one is possibly a teeny tad too big but i may grow into it.

I was short a sliver of fabric. I went ahead anyway and patched in a scrap to make up the difference. I have decided to do this more on my own clothes (not the ones i sell!). It's the old way. (Back in the day when you made do with what you had. My old neighbours in St Laurent de Cerdans in France told me they did this alot in war time and it was considered a high art)
It doesn't compromise the fall of the fabric at all and i like the character it adds.

Loving this lacework i found in an op shop peeking under the hem too.


  1. Love the lace, the hearts and the creativity!

  2. Very cute pants Anissa. I love your baby shoes and the lovely onesie for Manu.

    You've just given me a great repurposing idea too. Thanks!