Tuesday, February 22, 2011


....in Christchurch this morning.

In total juxtaposition to what some of my friends and family were going through, i was bodysurfing with three small kamikaze's when the earthquake struck (another, big one) this morning. I didn't have any contact with the outside world until late this afternoon.

My heart just isn't applying itself to the planned blogpost tonight. My thoughts are full of the quake and the pictures of the destruction. My mind full of my partner's brother talking about how he couldnt reach his partner and son who were right there in the thick of it, for hours after he heard. My partner's work mate who can't get to his family on the other side of the city. Another's life work in rubble. Christchurch's beautiful iconic cathedral is no longer. So much rebuilding to do. Grieving. And before that, the rescue's continue.

I'll be back tomorrow folks. Prayers, or whatever you call them, to those in Christchurch.


  1. Thinking about you as I hear about all the destruction in NZ. Much love from the other side of the world!

  2. Oh Anissa. I'm so sad to hear about this. I just read about it on Deb's blog as well. Your family and friends are in my prayers. Big hugs. Wish I could do more.

  3. Yes, it is so devastating. We are hearing so many stories. My niece was lucky enough to be at work because her house was reduced to rubble. Other friends cannot live in their house because a wall is gone, everything is broken and the water pipes too.

  4. Thanks for the love ladies. I am sitting pretty up here. Things are still very grim in Christchurch. There is much talk about the importance of having household civil defense supplies together hereabouts. And also, wondering what i can DO to help.

  5. oh juliet, we posted comments at the same time pretty much. yes, it is just awful awful. i have yet to talk to someone who is not directly affected, nz is so small. i feel torn between the tears threatening to come and the desire to reach out somehow.