Monday, February 28, 2011

a taste of rainbow

This evening, gazing out to sea, Jed asked me if there were unicorns in New Zealand. This morning another small one asked me what rainbows tasted like. I was speechless each time. (Unusually). I love the questions and neither of them seemed in a rush to have them answered.

This pile of vibrant rainbow colour has been on our dining table since Jed and i bought it at Forest Folk, the gorgeous wee shop of our local Waldorf/Steiner school. I couldn't bear to put it away in the craft box just yet. It is making me happy sitting there in the sunlight.

We also came home with a book of this rainbow wax paper. Jed lies on his bed looking out his window into the treetops watching the birds and sky. His Waldorf rainbow window star has been part of that view most of his life and he was sad it had become faded and broken. Out of stock of the made window stars, Alex from Forest Folk suggested i make one myself. Wonderful!

I used Jed's old star as a guide. (There are many methods and patterns of window stars but to start you off, Gardenmama has a tutorial here). Kinda got my dimensions screwy the first time (hence the giant star above) but J loved it and has it on the window above his work table. More smaller window stars followed. I find it kinda soothing and meditational, the cut, fold, smooth and glue process.
There is something very magical about the light streaming through the bright colours of the paper when they are up on the window.

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