Sunday, February 13, 2011

thrifty love

I know it's freezing cold for many of you out there in the northern hemisphere, so forgive me when i say it's 28 degrees centigrade here and too hot to sleep.

To distract myself from the fact that its almost tomorrow, i was just having a wee reminisce about a church thrift shop that Jed and i stormed a few days ago. We had great fun there and
we came away with a bundle of goodies for $12. They apologised it was so expensive.

The fabric above is one of eight napkins. Wild! We get through alot of napkins around here...they save this mama from having to repeatedly wipe faces and hands after meals and they have small folks feel independent.

We scored (for $1) a big bag of this stuff...balls and balls of this 'plastic yarn', embroidery needles and shapes for stitching on. Perfect for teaching small ones to hand sew. Jed's first one he put proudly as dining table centre piece. I think the deal is you're meant to decorate each shape and then stitch them together to form a container.

A card game i thought too advanced for Jed. While i was on the phone he played a set by himself and proved me wrong. He likes doing that.

Geeky sandals for Mama. Seriously, i have been keeping an eye out for some like this for ages. Uh huh, it's all glamour around here.

A recycling rubbish truck for Jed's collection.

Also in the bundle were three cool shirts, two doilies, vintage handkerchief, a wooden framed mirror, a vintage biscuit tin...we were totally ripped off aye?
On a more serious note, i give thanks for little opportunity shops like these that help us stretch our money the large distance it needs to go. And all staffed by volunteers too. Bless!

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  1. I don't know what you're talking about . . . those sandals kick some serious butt. :)