Sunday, March 13, 2011

button bonanza

Looking for fabric and items to upcycle into this season's GrowMama market and online range we stumbled across a tin of buttons at the thrift store counter. We came away with the whole lot for $4. Glass buttons, handcarved wooden ones, ceramic buttons, handtooled leather buttons, green buttons (always my favourite)...somebody's lifetime of buttons. I like to think about the stories behind each set. Rifling through the tin was like discovering treasure. A small (but fierce) pirate did steal the button treasure later that same day.
My vintage button necklace was made by the lovely Becs of Freaky Friendz. You can find her and the rest of her handmade delights on the last Sunday of the month at Kraftbomb market in Auckland's Grey Lynn. Mind you visit me there too! I get many comments on this necklace and it has the added bonus of being a baby magnet...they love it. Also, spotted at Kraftbomb: Bec's vintage button rings and a woman selling vintage button earrings...everything a vintage button enthusiast has dreamed of.

An aside:
-Happy and hugely relieved to hear friends in Japan are safe.

-watching in horror Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster unfold and now the nuclear power plants meltdown's on top. The long term effects from that radioactive leakage alone could wreak havoc, not just in Japan, but further afield too. So so sad and i hope we humans learn to seek less perilous ways to power our modern lives.
- Looking forward to seeing friends fleeing the aftermath of NZ's Christchurch earthquake.
- Feeling very sad and overwhelmed by it all. I think this confirms that i am human. There will a flurry of activisty and crafty type activity here. This is how i cope: Move (dance or long walks). Create (sew, make, bake). Gather. (friends and tribe). Speak up (do what i can to make a difference).

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  1. What treasure! My grandmother had a button tin, and it was one of my favourite playthings. I write about it in my memoir, 'Touching Snow'. Now I'm thinking what fun it would be to have a button collection for my granddaughter to play with.