Tuesday, March 22, 2011

gnome sweet gnome

Since we have been hanging more at our local Steiner school we have stumbled across some new (to us) crafting pleasures. I have Thomas and Petra Berger's darling book, The Gnome Craft book, out from the library at the moment. Inspired by all the rainbow of felt and unspun wool at the little store tucked into the corner of the Steiner carpark, Forest Folk...we have been making gnomes.
Not usually a screen person (very rare to find TV on around here), i have been handcrafting to the dulcet tones of Deadwood episodes...if you havent heard of it, it is a series about the pioneer goldrush cowboy days kinda like what Nick Cave might've come up with. Lets say, very realistic. Except for the almost Shakespearean language. Oh, with extreme cussing. So, um, these gnomes are rainbow with kinda pioneer sassy edge to them.

The first night i made them was a Saturday. I knew Jed would be up at 6.30am like always, even though he went to bed late. Before i went to bed I made a whole rainbow gnome world for him to wake up to. And you know...that was a two hour sleep-in folks!
Happy mama and happy little guy. Win, win.


  1. lol love the sleep in bit! I hae a few of these cut out at the moment but haven't had the time to try finishing them. They are too cute to want to risk failing at even though they are so simple.

  2. What colourful and delightful little gnomes. I remember how I always used to try and leave out something different for my son in his cot when he woke, and if I got it right, I'd be rewarded with a good sleep in. Times haven't changed at all! You obviously hit the jack pot there.

  3. "So, um, these gnomes are rainbow with kinda pioneer sassy edge to them."

    Right, those kind of gnomes. Sounds like some humans i know.