Sunday, March 6, 2011

handmade for Christchurch

The windowsill above Jed's nature/craft table.

I like how one of us will be seized by an idea and rush off to craft it into reality. There has been a bit of crafting for Christchurch happening lately. For friends and for a wonderful project called 'Handmade for Christchurch' (H4C for short) co-run by twenty crafty mama's who couldn't stand idly by.
(Being stretched financially i have been supporting those in need in Christchurch by donating my time to promote those projects that are raising money. It has been satisfying work.)

You donate handmade items by emailing photos and descriptions and H4C auctions them on All proceeds go to the Sallies or to Christchurch Women's Refuge. Fabulous idea.
Take a look at the loveliness on offer. These ladies are onto a good thing.
Watch out for GrowMama's offering:

GrowMama size medium swing tunic. Size medium. (to fit 2-4 years, as dress then as a top)Vintage marimekko stretch cotton fabric front and cotton gingham cross-over back.
The colours are spring green and pink on white background.

Newsflash 13th March: Click HERE to bid.

Excuse the creases, happens when you work at speed and quite possibly over-caffeinatedly.
Ah well, nothing a few moments with an iron can't remedy. Sigh!

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  1. What a lovely idea, and I love those cute little dresses!