Thursday, March 10, 2011

late summer

Late summer. It's all about fruit. The last berries. And sushi for those hurried just-come-in-from-adventures dinner times. I have it all ready to go in the fridge and can assemble it in minutes...genius.

Sneaking in swims. Heritage variety grapes. Apples straight from the tree. Monarch butterflies hatching. Eagerly eyeing up the feijoa's. (Are they ready yet? Are they ready yet?!)

Enjoying the cooler nights. And friends in sunshine. Before we all start holing up for the wintry months.
Preparing for the rain and cold of the months to come: piles of merino fabric to turn into trousers and tops for jed and my market stall and online stores. To be embellished with vintage fabric of course. I've picked up some craft projects from thrift shops for those rainy days in very small house and have stashed them away. A weaving loom. A 70's felt crafting for kids box set.

I am inspired by Paxus's attempts at daily blogging. For the activists among you or those interested in transforming the world into a more sustainable (and certainly more interesting) place visit his blog, Passport to Complaining. Pax and i go many years back and he writes from Twin Oaks Community in Central Virginia, USA, where i used to live. See if you can spot the younger Anissa in his Feb 26th post.

And, to leave you with sheer joy...Jed and i move through our days singing this song:
Home. By Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.
I love it.


  1. Dearest Anissa:

    Thanks for the plug to my blog (

    The reason that i am blogging every day (tho i missed today) is that 1) i have a lot to say and 2) it is good for me to have it as a regular practice.

    It makes me think about what i am doing which is worth reflecting to the world and inspires me to think more broadly. As for readership being adversely affected by daily entries (you asked me about this in a recent msg). My experience is the opposite.

    Wordpress is good at giving all sorts of statistics on your blog. When i post daily (as i have been for a past couple of weeks) my traffic increases as do the RSS subscriptions to my blog.

    Know that half a world away, you are missed.

    Paxus at Twin Oaks
    11 Qaddafi Falls 2KXI

  2. i am enjoying your blogging every day and you certainly have alot to say. Thanks for sharing it. a*