Thursday, March 31, 2011

simple. paper. fun.

We had a few rainy days lately. Here's what we got up to. 1) Blowfish! I found Joel Henriques blog, MadebyJoel (the man is a genius) and had to try this myself. Immediately. So we did. Breakfast can always wait, y'know? A piece of paper, felt tip marker, a straw, cotton and either sellotape or glue...and you're off. The link above to Joel's blog gives you full instructions to make your own blowfish. You basically blow up their bottoms to make them scoot along. We ended up making two, Jed named them and we had races. Hilarious. Truly. Mr Potato Head's glasses are optional.
Paper fun project number two:

A paper mobile. I was inspired by a project in Lotta Jansdotter's book, Handmade Living. Jed was noodling around with his crayons at his work table and feeling antsy, i joined him. I figured lunch can always wait too. Mobile, in this case, is a fancy word for a bunch of brightly crayoned leaves sewn together in one long string.

It's hard one to capture in a photograph but the finished mobile is giving me great pleasure as it moves and grooves to the beats of the breeze coming in my window. Each 'leaf' moves independently. The shadows it casts are awesome too. They'd make a great, cheap and quick party decoration that kids could take home.

As i look around my home i realise my happinesses and joys are simple ones. Memories, photographs, thrifted china plates, homegrown fruit, the colours and textures of my vintage fabric pile, handmade beauty and smiles.

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