Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today the sun dragged me away from my computer and a young knight away from vanquishing dragons. It could easily have been a crap day. I walked that line this morning with lack of sleep, a sinus headache, sore throat and my mind whirling with to-do lists and greater questions of where to go with this blog, with my creations, my workshops, my writing. You get the picture. The knight came in. Put a supporting hand on the small of my back and bid me turn around to look at him. I did. (after i listed that last pair of trousers, ahem) The knight said, 'Mama, the sun is shining and you are not. Lets get down to the beach and run free. You'll feel better' We sat, we ran. We ate, explored, built, lazed, talked and watched the sea crash crazy against the shore.

Darn kid was right, I felt MUCH better.

Just how does a three year old get to be so wise anyways?

PS: there is a set of rainbow gnomes just listed on Trademe. Honestgypsy is my tradername.


  1. Who could resist such wise advice from such a cute knight?

  2. This whole story is just enchanting.

  3. What a lovely story, and outcome. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog today - so full of creative ideas. You deserve time out on the beach!

  4. Hee hee, yes your gorgeous little knight is really very wise. An old soul in a new body.

    Miss you guys. I thought we might pop out to run free on the beach with you soon.

  5. the small knight was a midwife today, so very gentle with his babies and no less wise...i better pay attention! Thanks all for your kind words and any of you are welcome anytime to come romp wild with us...winter, summer...we're out there. big love.