Thursday, April 21, 2011

easy easter crafting

This is a simple bit of quick crafting that you could use for any occasion. I am already plotting birthday place settings with each child having a different one to open out. You could use cardboard from your paper recycling bin and paint them if you don't have coloured cardboard.

Take a piece of coloured card. Fold it into an even number of pieces. Draw a picture, (in this case easter related), making sure to go all the way to the edges at a few places so it can stand up. Cut along the lines of your drawing and open up to see the finished product. Thomas and Petra Berger's Easter crafting book was the inspiration for these. Well worth buying or borrowing from the library!

Jed's face lit up as he opened each one and saw what it turned into.

Jed likes how the rabbits are nuzzling each other. And they needed grass to eat. Easy enough!
I used two pieces of standard size card and used the first design as template to do the second one. I just traced around it. I used sellotape to join them together.

Here's the mama chicken design in case you want to copy it.

This one just has one fold.

And, of course the mama chickens needed baby chicks.


  1. Thats very cute.. I remeber making this type of thing when I was little : )

  2. Lovely rabbits. How about some halloween images next, ready for Kiwi Halloween on Saturday, April 30?
    Haven't seen you on my blog for a long time. Do hope your comments are not getting lost again.