Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Four Seasons Exchange

So, i think it was on Janelle's lovely blog Heart Felt that i saw the link to The Four Seasons Exchange. Newly involved with the Steiner community here in West Auckland i signed up.
How lovely to learn how to craft new gorgeousness and send a parcel each year's quarter to someone i have never met before. This time round i was partnered with the organiser herself, Pia, who runs Nalina Design. These pictures all show Pia's stunning work.

I have to admit to struggling a little with Easter in the southern me it is all about beginnings, new growth, fertility and well, Spring. Yet here i am stacking firewood and putting the garden to bed at the very tail end of summer. Sixteen years cavorting in the northern hemisphere and four (five?) years back in New Zealand and i am still a bit lost in the seasons. Sigh.

In the middle of his pizza party this evening (where he invites his friends, we make pizza together and general mayhem and spontaneous music making sessions ensue) Jed asked me 'what this Easter thing' is about. I asked if i could get back to him.
And i fully intend to. Not just the facts about why it is special to Christian's, but what it means to me. Its that second part i am a bit stuck on.

But thank you Pia for the beautiful package. I can see such love and care in every stitch.

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  1. Hi Anissa, I enjoyed seeing these colourful little art works. Do come along to Kiwi Halloween with your young Knight. It's at 300 Ponsonby Rd (corner Pompallier Tce), and children love it. Everyone comes and lights candles or pumpkin lanterns and remembers their own beloved dead ones.
    It's on Saturday April 30, 7 pm to 8.30 pm. Concertina and violin will be playing.