Thursday, April 14, 2011

a little time out

I have been pick up the pace with creating my work-based-at-home life now Jed is older. That dude will happily play in his room working all sorts of magic, for hours at a time. Which means i can work next door in my room, almost like being alone. Except for occasional requests for help and hilarious commentary ensuing from Jed's room.

I had the balance a bit off. Enter from stage right one cranky mama with far too much flying round her head. Enter from stage right, one sensitive old soul in a small body, shall we say 'acting out' a bit at Mama getting it all wrong. It's my old issue: trying to do too much on too little sleep (with anaemia thrown in for good measure). I know i simply can't get caught up in a busy busy stressy whirlwind and still be the mama i want to be.

So, on days when i am working alot from home, we take a breather from our different projects to hang out. We claimed a mama 'n' Jed HQ. We take a waterbottle, a blanket, some books and a spoon.

Our HQ tent is pitched a metre away from the feijoa trees. 'Tis the season. Mmmm.

We talk, we laugh, we connect. I get to remember what's important in life.


  1. yum, my feijoa has several buds on it, I'm hoping for a bigger crop than last year's three measly.