Monday, April 4, 2011

thrift shop happiness

I had been meaning to make some cushions for my couch upstairs (in my bedroom/studio/library) for ages. Dodging into my local charity shop last week with tired cranky small person in tow, i found these beauties. I was in and out of that shop in 5 minutes tops i reckon. Long enough for my practiced eyes to spot these: three original vintage print cushions with feather down inners. In perfect enough condition. They smell like roses too. Their only drawback is that the feathers are stuffed directly into the cases. So, one day there is going to be a potentially interesting and messy process as i decant the feathers to put zips in the cases and make an inner to corral the down. One rainy winters day. The afternoon sun comes streaming onto that couch. It's a good place for a book or a think about the world. Happy. Uh, would that qualify as 'retail therapy'?


  1. Hi Anissa! You have won my screen print! Hooray :) Just wondering what colour you would like it in? I will make it up for you as soon as I hear. Thanks x

  2. hoorah! you know, i had a dream last night that your print hung above my crafting table...and now it shall. so happy to give a home to one of your beautiful artworks.. i'll email you.