Monday, May 9, 2011

autumn crashing

Autumn is crashing it's way towards winter. The summer garden has died back, the birds waiting for breakfast on the lawn, autumn storms are upon us and my computer is crashing on a regular basis. Argh.

I don't consider myself a techy sort of a person but i have realised that without a computer i flap around like i am missing part of myself. I live a distance from town so rely on my virtual connection for many things. I lived away from NZ for 16 years, across many countries so friends are scattered across the globe. Oh yes, i need this computer! I am writing this between crashes.

Although it is autumn, we are back in shirtsleeves, the smaller of us still swimming and so, it has been nice to be freed from computer related work to frolic a bit more, craft a bit more, connect a bit more.

I can't down load new photos at the moment but am hoping to be back full force in a few days, once this computer goes in for a little loving care. I have big plans for this here wee space in the virtual world. See you soon.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it amazing, having this flush of warm weather? Good luck with computer recovery.