Thursday, May 5, 2011

craftiness at the easter show

I spotted some crafty folks doing a spot of simple wool felting at Auckland's Easter Show. It is one of those things i have wanted to try and hadn't gotten around to yet. We have been doing alot of crafting with hand dyed unspun wool lately and this seems a natural next step. I am so glad i got a chance to see the process unfold. It helped de-mystify for me. I get easily daunted!

They were using unspun dyed alpaca fibre from Cuesta Alpaca's which was super soft.

Recycling bubblewrap to give the texture, added hot water and alot of soap to the mix and a bit of rubbing and shaping with the hands...didn't look hard at all!

These lovely ladies were part of checking out if you are in NZ and into the fibre arts...spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers, flaxworkers and more.

Old school written instructions on how to felt: click HERE.

Nifty you tube video by Susan B Anderson on how to make felt flowers: click Here.

I'm adding felting to my 'surviving rainy winter days in small house' list.

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