Friday, May 27, 2011

Everyday Beauty

Firstly my friends, vast apologies for disappearing on you the last few days. I got to ride in an ambulance for the first time this week. I am hoping that to be my first and last. This is my first day back on computer and though wobbly and pale, i am happy to say i am healing well. Good excuse for an unexplained absence, no?!

Secondly, a big welcome to new readers who found GrowMama through the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway this week. Thank you for all your lovely comments, i have starting reading through them and will draw the winner tonight and announce in the next blog post. Wonderful!

And thirdly, i bring book!

Everyday Beauty: finding magic in the mundane.

GrowMama is a member of Kiwi Mummy blogs and Sarah asked me if i wanted to review making a book with Did i ever!
I want to put the blog into hardcopy book form and this was a great opportunity to trial the software. And for free too. Thank you KMB for the opportunity to make the book.

For those of you considering making a book with advice is to check it out. I found the software easy to download (i used BookSmart) and use and Blurb's customer support was fast and unerringly helpful. I will be using again.

Everyday Beauty is a photo book with minimal text...beautiful pictures and words i hope are gentle and tap into a wisdom greater than mine. I will feature sneak peeks into the book over the coming time.

It would make a beautiful gift to new parents or those needing a infusion of inspiration. Makes me wish i had a coffee table to put it on!
You can preview the book, and buy it HERE.

Kraftbombers: I won't be at Kraftbomb market tomorrow...i don't think i can manage a market quite yet, but i will miss being there. Sigh. For those who aren't in the know: Kraftbomb is held at Grey Lynn Community Centre in Auckland from 11-2pm for those in the of the best handmade craft markets out.


  1. Congratulations on the book, and clever you! I do hope you are OK - ambulance sounds rather serious.

  2. Oh the book is lovely. The photos are so lovely and the words inspiring. You are a gem my friend.

  3. Thanks Juliet...i will email you personally i think rather than splash sordid details on the web willy nilly. And Stacey - thank YOU too my dear. Kind words, kind words...