Monday, May 2, 2011

grey skied adventure

Simple fun:
The sea. A pebble beach. Flotsam and jetsam. A huge driftwood tree for a pirate ship.
Glimpses into our long weekend wander.

In Napier for a 5oth birthday celebration, we were lucky to miss the wild weather that flooded much of Central Hawkes Bay and caused mayhem with slips on the roads. Seeing all the damage from the earth slips i did have to wonder about the wisdom of how we build our roads and manage logging and farmland. There was nothing to hold that land in place.
Sadness aside for the farmers and folks dealing with the aftermath of the flooding, we got warm grey skies. Perfect autumn adventure and hot pool weather.

Special find for the nature table. A horse mussel shell.

Looking at this picture just now, i wish i had of joined in. We big folks forget the value of losing oneself in the pure joy of just running into the wind. I could do with a good frolic.

Even rocks make music. Rocking out Jed style.


  1. What a great shell find Jed....and I'm loving your outfit! J. xx

  2. the shell has pride of place on his table...ah, the outfit: the handknitted vest was new -thrifted, the wilfred hat 99c, guitar applique top bought by his dadda, trousers mama made, boots off trademe...put together by the wee man himself. he has a distinct style that one! x