Monday, May 16, 2011

thrifting blues

For some reason, my thrifting finds often run in themes. Last week it was blue. Everything from vintage enamel plates, to the floral pillowcases were all in shades of blue. The pillowcases lasted about half an hour in one piece before being transformed into bunting flags. Soon to be listed on a online trading site near you.

Autumn's getting cantankerous on us. We have had a long run of sunny warm weather and are running into heavy rains, high winds, reading more and eyeing up the fireplace. Books are always popular around here. It is not unusual for Jed and I to have fifty books out at any one time. I kid you not. They all get read too.

Two of my favourites at the moment:

Liesl Gibson's, Oliver and S, Little things to sew. Jam packed with gorgeous projects and complete with pattern sheets. Sunhats, juggling balls, tulle ballerina skirts,backpacks, smocks and more.

And, Sharifa Oppenheimer's Heaven on Earth -A Handbook for parents of young children....I am only two chapters in but it has me bewitched already. It's Steiner based philosophy. I have to thank Chelsea from Lady I swear by all flowers for the recommendation.

And the small one? Deep in the Enchanted Wood with the fairies, gnomes and other magical folk. Loveliness.

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  1. We're in the midst of the Magic faraway Tree. isn't it enchanting? I want the kids to draw pictures of it and make a story board of the book.