Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had Jed in stitches when he came to the table to this on his plate. (First he looked at me to see if i was is a serious matter around here)

I'd been deep in creative land...writing in between sewing up a storm of things to sell at the GrowMama Kraftbomb market stall. Then i had to feed my boy. When i am in the creative zone that energy oozes out into all areas of life...thwarted in my creative pursuits it had to come our somewhere. Hence, you find crazy things on the plate for dinner....

...and writing in spaghetti on the chopping board.

Much fun was also had testing whether the pasta was ready by throwing it up to the ceiling to see if it stuck there. Also, to see whether spaghetti makes a good moustache...hilarious when you are an overtired almost four year old apparently.

Does a body good to laugh. My sides hurt. I hadn't done that in awhile. Good times.

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