Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a few days out

It was a good long weekend away. We sneaked an extra day in.
Lots of rest for the recovering mama, lots of sea air, a wee cousin and aunty and uncle to play with, good food, a boat, beautiful scenery.... ...colourful autumn leaves to play in.

A delicious stop at the Matakana Farmers market. (Check out Logi's Lothlorien Feijoa wine folks...very delish and Jesse's I love Pies. For those of you in far flung places, NZ has a strange but fierce love affair with the perfect pie)

Stumbled across a great morning out at the Leigh Reptile Park, nestled in the bush are alligators, chameleons, skinks, water dragons, tortoise, frogs, even a most unreptile -like pair of monkeys. Cue a deep conversation with a small boy about animals in captivity. Deep thinking thrown into the mix with alot of fun, an ample splattering of mud and a splash of learning.

Goat Island Marine Reserve and the beaches in and around Leigh. Rock pools to explore, shags nesting in the pohutakawa's, enormous snapper, caves, dragons, fairies, starfish and all manner of wonders for people small and large.

And, today was our first day since the ambulance night two weeks ago that it has been me and Jed, at home, no houseguests and just in our own groove. Laundry. Cooking. Reading. Playing. A nap. Trying to get my head back into where it should be. Loving it.

More houseguests due tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Anissa - glad you're feeling better. I really enjoy dipping into your blog... Hope you get some more rest around the visitors! Nicky :)