Thursday, June 16, 2011

in honour of summer

My last dash through a thrift shop saw me swoop on this lovely book. (Gone are the days where Jed and i would fossick together in a timely fashion, sigh)
The Kids Garden Book by Patricia Petrich and Rosemary Dalton. It dates back to 1974 and is clearly created by folks who know and love children. It is 177 pages of loveliness...all hand printed, hand drawn and includes many brightly coloured kids pictures. We are big on natural history, hands on gardening and any kind of project or experiment is always greeted with wide eyes and rampant enthusiasm...this book has it all.

According to the titlepage it is one of many 'Nitty Gritty Cookbooks', some of which i would love to get my hands on...Paris and then some cookbook, The Compleat American Housewife 1776 (i mean, really?!) and the Sunday Breakfast cookbook to name a few.

And to top it off: i finally found a flower press. I did a little dance in the aisle, much to Jed's delight. I have wanted one every since i began my journey with healing plants many a year ago in Eastern Europe.

Roll on summer! G'night all...i am off to light the fire. x

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