Friday, June 3, 2011

In very recent memory we adventured in T shirts...
...then in long sleeves, vests and wilfred hats (named so from Wilfred of the Brambly Hedge stories)...

...then we dusted off our winter coats. And today we're talking scarves in the mix too.

I am kind of relieved, it was just wrong and all climate changey to be swimming in winter.

But what do i find myself crafting now that winter has come crashing in? I finally got around to altering a summer dress that has been languishing in my to-do pile. I got lazy though. I lopped it off and made it into a skirt. The waist is a double layer of super soft cotton jersey left over from a jed shirt. I am a big fan of waists like this. Discovered during pregnancy they are just super comfortable and so easy to whip up. The fabric on this is a joy to wear and i love the wide green palette. It will just have to be layered with leggings and boots until next summer.

And i am happy to announce i am off bed rest and slowly, very slowly recovering. Thank you for all your email wishing me well. Much appreciated. Makes me actively appreciate mobility, energy and good health...there are so many in the world that live with chronic illness. Good to try on other shoes, maybe i can manage that without the drama next time!


  1. Glad to hear you are up and about and feeling some better

  2. thanks pax...friends have made all the difference in these hard times...sunflowers left on the doorstep, comments and notes, jed's mates mama's swooping him off on adventures...i feel blessed. x

  3. I am a kinda inexperienced sewer.
    I discovered and fell in love with that type of waist when I was pregnant too, but don't know how to sew it onto clothes for myself.
    Would you possibly consider doing a quick tutorial?