Monday, June 20, 2011

rainy day survival in small house

This was rainy day number three. Huts got made. Baking warmed the house and the soul. There were expeditions into rainy garden and windswept beach. The craft box made an appearance. Burrows get made (in mama's bed), naps were taken and rare patches of sunshine were curled up in like cats. Day one saw me haul out my stash of air dry clay. Jed and i built leaf beds, bowls of fruit, stones and toadstool tables for his 'gnome world'. Day two of rain they dried in the hot water cupboard. Day three we painted them. Fun times.

The next rainy day (lets face it, it's the west coast of NZ and it's winter...there will be more rain!) we're making our own paper from paper scraps in our recycling bin.

But for now...sun is shining folks! We're outta here....


  1. Love those wee gnomes....I'm going to try and make some soon. My son has just started at a wee steiner kindy in Wellington and his symbol for coat hook etc is a gnome - he would love these.

    Sounds like some lovely inside time in the rain, plus a few nice bouts outside for fresh air.

  2. me and i will send you the pattern i use! They are so easy and fun to make. Jed is trying out Steiner nursery up beautiful what they do there. much loving to y'all.