Monday, June 6, 2011

When you live in 80m sq with two other creative people, space management is at a premium.
Now, having lived communally and done long stretchs on the road with just me and my backpack, i have a few ideas about how to eke out a little space into what's needed.
I have been on the lookout for two small shelves to organise my craft/work area (otherwise known as the far end of my bedroom) into a more user friendly, aesthetically pleasing space.

Super low haemoglobin count be damned, i needed to get out. So out i got. On a mission.
I braved the traffic and rummaged through thrift shops and came up with exactly what was needed and within my meagre budget too. One shelf was $3, the other $5.

I have been looking for one of these icing bags for an age too.

And this, a vintage Knitwit cutting board. It measures 168cm by 92cm and folds down concertina style to slot neatly into my wardrobe when not in use. A dream for me. I have been wanting one to photograph my creations on - to post them in my online venues, and to lay it on the floor to cut out on. Jed has worked out it makes a nifty house too. Win, win.

Other finds: the linen tablecloth at the top - soon to be upcycled into a cover for my overlocker.

And this: a sneak peek at the $3 shelf before it was put up.

Next up: a look at the great craft/work space transformation of 2011! Funny how little tweaks to your living or work space can have such a big effect. I am hoping this current incarnation means i up my productivity. I'll be linking to a few other crafty mama's wrangling of small spaces into their creative havens. See you then.

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  1. Oh what a difference a shelf makes! I used to have one very like that, only yours is more attractive. If you are well enough for the winter retreat, it'll be lovely to have you there.