Friday, June 10, 2011

where i sit

I like seeing pictures of crafty folks creative spaces and i love tips on how they make their unique spaces work for them. I thought i would share mine with you.
My crafting space, where i am sitting typing this right now, is actually one wall of my bedroom. What you can't see is the view out that window during the day. It is nothing less that inspiring: i look out over our garden, bush, hills and the wild west coast of NZ. Earlier this year i was on the phone up here and i saw a whale. Yup. And yup, i know how blessed i am.

My crafting/work space is a work in progress. Last weekend i went on a mission to find shelves within my meagre budget to organise my work space better. It was too cluttered and i was struggling to free enough table space to work well on.

LOOK at all that table! And the $10 vintage 1m x 1.6m folding Knitwit cutting board i found at the Salvation Army means i have doubled my cutting out space and now have an easy background to pull out to photograph my creations for sale. Simple changes but they are truly life enhancing.

Everything has it's story. What garage sale or thrift shop it was from, or who gave it to me, or best of all, artwork given to me by talented friends.

Don't get me wrong, there are still piles...this one is a pile of vintage sheets waiting to become bunting flags, bathroom mats and pyjama's. And take a look UNDER my table! But the piles are culled into things i will definitely use, and they are mostly contained, not sprawling as they were beginning to do.

I find my mind clearer when the space i work in is orderly. I would have cringed writing that a few years ago, but it is true.


  1. Looks great Anissa! I'm working on some posts about organization of sewing stuff over here as well. Finally finished my quilt squares for the VSFB . . . I'd love some help figuring out how to "finish" it if you want to pop by.

    Also your vintage sheet stack looks like candy! :)

  2. A bit of order goes a long way, when doing creative work, doesn't it? So nice to see that empty table, all ready for something new. I used to struggle to keep my studio tidy, and remember the thrill of getting it organised.