Thursday, July 28, 2011

bad hair day solution

Most of my crafting is done out of need. About a month ago I had a bad hair day. One rummage through some vintage fabric and a little visit to my sewing machine turned that bad hair day right around. Instead of feeling down and fielding strange looks, I got many comments about my fabulous vintage hairband. While I was at it, I made a bunch for the Growmama stall at Kraftbomb market and they sold like hot cakes. The bad hair day solution has arrived ladies!

I used to live in a hairband like this years ago when I was travelling alot, when I was street performing, whenever I took the five night train across America to a meeting and oh wait, and when I lived on the commune too. Either I have more bad hair days than most or I am lazy. Either way, I am happy to have updated the headband with a more vintage feel and am wearing one of mine 2 days out of three.

To make it easy for those of you who contacted me after the last markets, GrowMama headbands are to be found in-store at Lets Go Retro in West Auckland, they'll be on my stalls at the Titirangi Mums Craft market in a few weeks time and Kraftbomb from August onwards. Oh, and I am listing a few on Trademe. Etsy listings to come. If anyone wants the pattern, email me. Happy to share the love. Or wait for the tutorial, it's coming.

I love that these make use of those special vintage fabric lengths that aren't quite big enough to make a piece of clothing out of.

This is my favourite. Vintage raw silk with animal print. I scored 12 metres of this stunning material at an estate sale for an absurd (if you know me, you think lower on the scale here, not higher!) price. This woman had the most beautiful collection of fabrics, alot of it belonged in a museum. I think of her and her love for vintage textiles whenever i see this fabric. I am still dreaming of what to make myself out of it...twelve metres is alot to play with.

A big welcome to all the folks new to GrowMama - i just about fell off my chair when i saw how many of you are dropping by these days!

LAST CHANCE enter Melissa from Tiny Happy's giveaway, it closes midnight on Friday.

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  1. Oh man . . . I could definitely use this pattern sometime. Either that or I just need to suck it up and get a haircut. LOL!

  2. hey you over there in summer! i've had a few requests for a tutorial but if you need it before i get around to it, shout out and i'll send it to you, x anissa