Thursday, July 21, 2011

making me happy

- these flowers on my table.

- stumbling across a small paleontologist's digs through out the house

- raw carrots

- new pieces of vintage fabric...this one reminds me of a summer garden.

- scintillating conversation at the lunch table: 'Mama, what does 'catastrophe' mean?'...silence...then, 'Mama, how did you learn all these big adult words?'

- On Jed's request we made playdough together. Coloured naturally. The blue tea set was mine when i was girl, loving those colours together. Noticing my attraction to bright summery colours at the moment...the opposite from whats happening outside my window.

It was a blustery wet winter's day, tucked up snug in my tiny house with my wee man. We read, we sang, we talked, we read, we stared into the fire,we baked. We did our own thing, we came back together. Mama did a bunch of work, while small one dissembled my stash of bias bindings, trims and elastics into a 'market'. Isn't it astounding what huge projects can materialise behind you in the minutes you weren't paying attention?

On the outset it didn't look like it had much going for it (awful weather, mama with alot of work to do and very tired small person) but it was perfect.

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  1. What a delightful, colourful post! - very uplifting to read on another wet, grey day.