Tuesday, July 12, 2011


After five days of the small one having a nasty virus, we are out the other side and crafting together again. Phew. To say the least.

We made Jed's birthday invitations this morning. His favourite colour is green at the moment and we used paper he made himself for the front of the card. I was racking my tired brain for what to put on the front of the cards and Mr almost four said 'Mama, it's my birthday, you should just ask me...i want rainbows!'

We have had a papermaking kit on the crafting shelf for years now. I was waiting for the right time and last week was it. We ransacked the paper recycling bin and had a fine time ripping up different pieces of paper into stamp sized bits.

Added water and stirred. Jed was fascinate with the whole process, he stirred and stirred and got his hands in there and played in it for hours each day. Cheap entertainment i tell you!

Take your paper pulp and add more water and whizz. We used the manual swiss whip but then graduated to the food processor for a thinner, less lumpy pulp. You can see the paper making deckle (wooden frames that fit together with mesh screening on one) in the background in this picture.

We added glitter to our mix. You can add colours, flowers and make different weights of paper.
You pour your paper pulp into the deckle frame and put the other screened part of the deckle on top, squeeze/tip excess water out then turn it out on your drying boards:

The sponge soaks up the rest of the excess water and voila! Pop it in the sun or hot water cupboard to dry and you have handmade paper!

HERE is a link to a old Sesame Street playlist...all about crafts...one of them is about kids learning to make paper from old fabric.

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  1. Gorgeous cards and what fun paper making it. I still have some lilac-coloured paper that I made from a kit with my granddaughter (who is now 17 and the kit is long gone unfortunately)

  2. Loving the bib and slipper/shoe combo .... Miss Sofia would like to wear the spotty one with the flower heart, put one aside please x Jo