Tuesday, July 19, 2011

re-usable snack bags

Making re-usable snack bags has been on my list for oh, awhile now. (It's a long list that one)

I want to lessen the packaging we throw away. To pack food for lunches and snacks i mostly i use stainless steel tiffin tins i bought in Fiji a few years back. But, to seperate the food within the tins, I would wrap in paper.

The little guy was very sick recently and confined to home for a week to save others from contamination, i went a little stir crazy. Might have had something to do with tending a sore sick little fellow, or the lack of sleep - but neither stopped me from tinkering away at creating new patterns for some re-usable snack bags. These are for dry foods like crackers, dried fruit and nuts, biscuits and suchlike. What you see here are the prototypes. I always test run new patterns before sewing them up to sell.

In case any of you crafty seamstress types wanted to have a go...this is my favourite. It has a circular base so it stands up. (Just link back to this post if you have a go okay?) The other ones fall down which drives the little people crazy as it turns out. Test run...see?! I also added these nylon tabs so little fingers can easily open the snack bags themselves.

You can re-use them several times before throwing them in with the rest of the washing. I wash them inside out. They are made with vintage fabric on the outside, are lined with nylon so can be wiped out to refresh between uses, and close with velcro. So far, so good...we are enjoying using them and they feel so nice in the hand. I haven't seen any snack bags like them on the craft circuit and i am looking forward to listing some in my online venues and getting feedback from markets.

One thing though, one of our wee friends is anaphylactically allergic to nuts so i have taken care to keep a snack bag allergen free for the times we hang out...just in case.


  1. I am delighted to have won the crown from Heleen's giveaway. The little recipient will be thrilled. Thank you so much.

  2. Love the snack bags - you are so inventive!

  3. me too! Love the idea and can't wait to make my own and proudly produce my lunchtime sandwich to the envy of my friends!

  4. I love the idea of the circular bases, I've made a few but never thought of doing that. I must give your way a try. I love using our bags for snacks too.