Sunday, July 3, 2011

vintage sheets strike again...

It is slightly obscene how excited i get about upcycling. I find it so very satisfying to take something that has been labelled rubbish and was destined for a landfill and transform that 'trash' into something useful. I just love it.

These pyjama's were made from soft flannel vintage sheets that had flaws that made them unusable as sheets. I cut the offending bits out and made them into winter pyjama's from Heather Ross' pj pattern in Weekend Sewing.

Et voila...his 'n' hers pyjama's.

They don't look like much hanging on the deck, but i am loving the way they fit and the cosiness of that fabric is perfect for pottering around on winter weekend mornings.

Oh, and folks (and i noticed there a few more of you, welcome, welcome)...i am launching the Creative Mama series here this week. I have a wonderful lineup of inspiring crafty/vintage-loving mama's doing guest posts and interviews all winter...wahoo! There are some delicious giveaways and i am looking forward to taking a peek into how these women i admire so much juggle their creative lives and mama'hood. You too?! See you there.

{Creative Mama button available shortly...once i work out how to make one...ahem!)


  1. These look so fun and so comfy! I love when you can make new things out of old things too :)

  2. What fun, transforming old sheets into new cosy pyjamas. I can see how comfortable they would be.

  3. My mother-in-law has just given me some lovely old flannel sheets and I was thinking they'd make great pj's....thanks for the pattern link!