Wednesday, August 17, 2011

extracurricular growMama

Here it is folks...a little ray of light in the depths of winter (snow? here? craziness!) arrived in my letterbox. Issue 6 of Extracurricular magazine is hot off the press.
And i get a mention! Well, a few. Front cover, inside cover, twice on page 1, page three (can i just say now how excited i am?), and interview and photographs by the lovely Rosa Mae Rutherford pages 6-13 (did i mention excited?).

I wrote an article for this issue too...Waste not, want not. On upcycling, a subject close to my heart.

I should say that there is much more to the magazine than just me HERE for a sneak peek into more extracurricular goodness. I always look forward to EC coming out and this one has a tinyhappy/Melissa Wastney tutorial for a foraging bag and a recipe for mulled wine. And Darren Song's stitch art on paper...sheer beauty there.

And click HERE, to go to Extracurricular's blog and find a stockist near you.

These are not just any magazines. Small yet sassy, these babies are keepers...collect 'em all and display them proudly.

Scoot on over HERE to check out Bronwyn's Creative Mama Series invention ever for babies and toddlers i reckon.


  1. Fantastic for you! Can't wait to have a read. J.xx

  2. well done Anissa! it was very nice to read your story, and thank you too for including me in your lovely little article on upcycling :)

  3. It's just such a lovely magazine, NZ has nothing else like it. Hope you got your hands on a copy J and thank YOU H for letting me peep into your upcycling world. x