Tuesday, August 9, 2011

it's winter

It's winter. We're past the solstice, so we're on the downslide...but, it rains alot, it's chilly, i'm tired, there's not much in the garden...it's winter. Ugh. I know we have it easy as far as winters go but I find myself coveting the summery blog posts of other hemisphered blogtypes. Then i just want to sew. It's my therapy.

It's not just that it's winter really. I am usually a graceful winter person. It has been a strange time.
Not so good things happening. Friends house burning, neighbours car crashing in next to our house, Friend having a stroke, babies lost and grieved for. I could keep listing 'em but i won't.
Somehow the hard stuff takes up more space than the magic all around us. The last few days all of it has been weighing heavy on me. It somehow muscled the happiness out of the frame. I realised i was letting it.
Well, I am categorically NOT letting it. I can feel sad, and still appreciate the beauty of the freesia's my boys picked me on their walk. I can rage at injustice and still smile at Jed's face as he registers that Mumford and Sons (so totally Jed style that band) actually swear in their song 'little lion man'. Now THAT was an interesting conversation!

And when that sun does shine, we are out there, in it. Doing a spot of paleontology,rock climbing, drinking tea, dreaming of our garden, crafting or just sitting with faces upturned to it's warmth and appreciating it oh so very much. Sometimes it is the little things that lift me up so i can see clearly again.

Loving this too: three of my favourite bands coming together for the Railroad Revivalist Tour.

You gotta listen to THIS!


  1. Its so hard to keep on seeing the good stuff with so much else going on. Keep seeing the joy

  2. thanks...you know, i felt conflicted and vulnerable about writing this post but it was the only thing that came to me. it felt real and i wanted to share that it is not just sunshine and roses, i know it can come across that way on my blog sometimes...this life is richer than that - it's through the other stuff life throws at us that we learn our most important lessons i think ;)