Monday, August 1, 2011

making birthday magic

Sunday was a magical day here. Jed turned four. Friends, family, games, fine food, fun and a fair bit of mayhem. Even the sun shone. Loveliness.
The birthday crown in the making. For a boy whose favourite colour is green.

A few days before his birthday we spent the whole morning crafting. We couldn't even wait to get out of our pj's. I love that he can do his own thing alongside me. I wanted to create an enchanted forest sort of a stage for his birthday present to be set up on. In the meantime, the rainbow gnomes moved in and had a lovely time.

A friend gave me a bunch of green felt for his birthday crown and with so much beautiful green left over we got busy. Jed wanted to use the sewing machine so late one night i cut out piles of leaves and vines and we ran a bunch of them together with sewing machine. Sort of like THIS project we did out of paper. Except these we get to keep. Jed's room has turned into a magical forest. For his wee party we hung them down from the ceiling. Very cool.

The rainbow gnomes left a trail of clues for the kids to follow. The treasure was hidden in a treasure chest in the forest near our home. They came back triumphant carrying the chest between them. The gnomes had left little party bags inside the chest (cleverly made from the pages of an old children's gardening book) with little gifts inside.

Chocolate mud cake (vegan and egg free) decorated with a pixie/fairy/gobin sweet market.

One of Jed's friends is dangerously allergic to nuts, seeds, eggs and kiwifruit which cut out all of my usual party foods. I am so glad, i would never have found the chocolate mud cake recipe...which was so very good! It will be made again.

This wee man was clear about what he wanted...from the friends he wanted to invite and the food. I just helped manifest the vision. What alot of fun it was too. Making magic. The eve of his birthday he kept saying, 'i just want it to be tomorrow, now' and the night of his birthday?

'Mama, i don't want to leave my birthday behind'. Yep, a good day was had by all.

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  1. Wow - what a wonderful day it must have been. I love all the things you made together.

  2. What a lucky boy to grow up amidst so much creativity and to be making so many things himself. He sounds like a little Robin Hood, this wee green man. Happy birthday Jed.

  3. Thanks...and Juliet, funny you should say that because a month later he has discovered Robin Hood and IS he most days. x