Friday, August 19, 2011

shades of green

Green is the favourite colour around here at the moment. There are green cats, green buds apparent on the winter branches of the deciduous trees, new green knitted cardigan for the small one (I get asked if i knit all the time when Jed or i wear our various handknitted clothes, the answer is a wistful no...i am just good at finding them brand new and beautiful at thrift stores, lucky us), attempts at a natural green plant based dye, and a green doll in the making. Even the thrift shop finds were in shades of green...
I have a new pair of favourite trew: a green pair of wide leg corduroy trousers found in a most unlikely thrift store. I was whirling out the door when they leapt out at me. $4 of warm cosy green. I've felt a bit de-railed by life lately plus feeling an economical pinch in the pocket and sometimes it is the small things that cheer one up. Call me simple but the green corduroy trousers did it for me this week. Especially topped by the THIS shirt...made from a vintage curtain by me a year ago and still a favourite.

Ta daaaa....TEN metres of brand new vintage stretch cotton green and light brown. All ready for the spring range of GrowMama designs. It's getting harder and harder to source reasonably priced quality vintage fabrics and new fabric is so expensive...i was so happy to find these. With a few metres of lace and a cotton vintage print for accents, perfect.
The wee man all in green. Examining the sleet and hail that fell last our great excitement. We don't usually get such wintry delights in our seaside locale.

The sun glinting off the latest acquisitions of vintage buttons, all in shades of


  1. Love the face painting!

  2. I love Jed's face! Did you paint it?

    My friend asked Jed's little buddy Sofia what her favourite colour was today and she answered (without any hesitation) green.

    I've been thinking of you a lot, hope all is well with you all out there.

    Much love, Sxxx

  3. Face painting fabulous isn't it. It was amazing to watch it unfold and then see his face when he saw himself in the mirror. Priceless. Lovely face painting was at the Titirangi Mums Craft Market in Auckland. Mine is, er, a little more primitive!