Friday, August 5, 2011

vintage classics

Fun vintage finds like these make me feel rich. Pottering through one of our favourite wee church thrift shops we unearthed a box of brightly coloured vintage train set pieces buried under a pile of empty boxes.

Complete with this wonderful little wooden village. 'Was $5 okay for us?' they asked.

"YES!", we said, grinning wildly at each other.

Love those wee buildings.

And, flying through the op shop today, looking for white shirts and sheeting to do a big dyeing project, i found this draughts set. Wooden draught pieces on a vintage board. $1 well spent.

Jed beat me tonight. Beaten by a four year old, hmm, i figure i have a few options 1) study draughts at mastery level, 2) get more sleep or, 3) get used to beign beaten. Perhaps all three?

Creative Mama Series Giveaway winners annoucement: Evi was the winner of Melissa's giveaway and Libby Jones the winner of Georgia Leigh's giveaway the week before.

Last chance to enter Sam's giveaway for that gorgeous yellow pocket HERE to go to her Creative Mama Series post.


  1. Oh, that train set is just gorgeous! How lucky!

  2. Grandma has one of those sets at her house, the kids love it. Adore the wooden village, they are special. J.xx

  3. I had a train set just like this for my little son (He's about to turn 41!)

  4. the train set is getting great play here on these rainy days ...Juliet, perhaps it is the very same set your son played with!? J, the wee man and i take turns at having the wooden village on our work tables we adore it so! Nice to find such treasures in a hard month. Roll on spring i say.

  5. My Nanny had this same train set when we were little. I remember spending hours creating elaborate tracks all over her living room. Lovely!