Thursday, September 1, 2011

in sherwood forest

I innocently read Robin Hood to the small boy the other morning. That was it. His imagination was seized, big time. Do any of you remember the pixie costumes i made last year? You can see the post HERE. The pixie tunic came out of the dress up drawer, a forest green long sleeved shirt was unearthed and the hunt was on for a hood. I pulled out this medieval looking jerkin i had found at an op shop and he was looking very robin hoody. When i said we could make a bow and arrow those eyes lit up. That was all i heard all the rainy day, until we made a break for the garden to ask a tree for some green wood.

He was a natural.
The next day: 5.30am. (His natural waking time, shocking i know, oh believe me i know)

..."Mama, what is the name of where Robin keeps his arrows?"

And so the morning saw the making of a quiver. And a belt and a pouch. All gleaned from illustrations in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th readings of the Robin Hood book. This picture is him waiting for his happy Robin.
Guy of Gisborne was pursued relentlessly, a dragon or two got dragged into the story, many rich were robbed to give to the poor (i qualify), Mama was christened 'Mrs Robin Hood' and somewhere along the line, Stephen Fry joined the merry men.

Library, the store, post office...all greeted him with a rousing 'Hi Robin Hood' and he was so very pleased.

I have never seen him quite so taken with a story. Dress up's are popular but usually have to be taken off the second he is no longer in character. Not Robin. He has been with us for four days.
And counting. Isn't it funny how something just takes them on a fabulous journey?

Oh, the adventures.

On another more Mama flavoured note...Extracurricular magazine's blog has a post on me/GrowMama today. With some outtake photos from the shoot that the lovely and uber talented Rosa Mae did here. Take a look HERE. Thank you Ellie.

And don't forget to enter Joanne's Imp'ish giveaway, last days people! Go HERE to read Joanne's Creative Mama post and leave a comment to be in the running to win.


  1. What a great post!
    I love the costume and the fact that your boy was so carried away by the story.

  2. What a lovely story and how lucky he is to have a mother who can flow into the adventure with him so fully. He really looks the part.

  3. wow, what a lucky boy Jed is to have such an inventive mama! I love the costume and all the details you added :)

  4. Wonderful to see. Now he just needs some Robin Hood activities to do on his own until at least 7 o'clock in the weekends so you can have a 'sleep-in'!

  5. yep, magical times...thanks for your feedback everyone. I am pleased with the costume, especially that it was Jed-led. Nicky, robin hood activities set out for the morning to allow a bit of a sleep-in is a VERY good idea. thanks for that!

  6. Hope you got that sleep in - such a treat!