Tuesday, September 6, 2011

little bit of green goes a long way

The small one found two pieces of beautiful green knit fabric at our favourite church op shop a few weeks ago. I think they may have been cut out of a t-shirt. The colour was very him. Green is still the hot favourite.I had been wanting to make a simple doll for ages. I was inspired too by Sam's beautiful dollmaking.
Now, guess who the first doll had to go to?
I think of it as a tax for working from home.She's perched a bit awkwardly but you get the idea. It is a 'her' apparently, and her name is Leaf. Leaf's hat will forever be half slipping down and her face is a little lopsided but she is much loved. (Poor kid thinks he is lucky getting the first one made, but in reality he gets all the prototypes.)

A close companion of rainbow gnome, Leaf's main function is cuddles at night. Sweet.

Looking forward to making more dolls...it is amazing how each one suddenly springs to life with its own personality. The rest of the green fabric turned into another doll, and in light of the current craze on leaves...when the small one ripped the knees out of his stripy organic leggings...i mended the rips and cut out patches in the shape of leaves to handsew on. Small one likes them, and it prolongs the life of the leggings. There's a few knees of trousers getting a hard time lately, i am thinking about just patching them all. I have done a few patches in thick fleece. (Green of course.)It works nicely. The thickness of the fabric has saved Jed's knees from scrapes after tumbles from the bike or treeclimbing incidents.


  1. oh lovely Leaf! glad you are enjoying making dolls. I have found this page of dolly making techniques quite helpful http://starrysheep.com/crafty/?page_id=645
    Happy crafting. Sam