Saturday, September 17, 2011


‘Mama’ is in hot demand. Other alter ego’s are hungry, are desperate for a pee, have sewing to do, are aching to dance, have a shop to re-stock and bills to pay, but, Mama is there. At the ready with a shoulder to lean on, a warm cup of honey tea and a story.
The wee fella is sick. Miserable sick. Outta nowhere. One minute all bounce and vigor with his cousin. Next minute wanted to go home. Anything that lays this boy out for this much sleeping in a day has me a little unsettled. Those of you who have been around awhile will know his aversion to sleep. Severe case of FOMO if you ask me. Anyway. I digress.

He fell asleep on me on the couch earlier today. I realised that he was truly sick then. Sitting there with 22.5 kg’s of four year old in my arms i remembered all the times when he was a baby, sitting there in that exact same place. I had a few minutes of internal strife. The deadline. The emails needing to be written, the lists of things to do. Meh, i decided, they would still be there whenever i got up from the couch. Instead, i sat. I held the warmth of that little person i grew those four years ago and i thought.
I thought about all the journey from then, until now. The growing into being a mama for me, the rocketing into little boy-hood for him. All the magic, the laughter and tussles in between. Wow.
How special it is to have the stillness and quiet and time to sit and think. To reflect. To wonder.

Now, if this continues much longer i may have moments of not being quite so graceful. But that's okay. I will keep reminding myself of the preciousness of simply being there. (And keep my radar up for what moments there are to snatch for me.)

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